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Source: pixabay/pexels

Scientists Built A Robotic Fish Designed To Explore Coral Reefs

By Aimee Lutkin

On Wednesday, researchers at MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab introduced the word to SoFi, a robotic fish that has the capabilities to dive, explore, and record her adventures underwater. According to Inverse, those adventures will mainly be charting coral reefs and caverns that can't be easily approached by people. SoFi isn't just designed to look like a fish to be cute—scientists want to observe the marine life the robot encounters when they're acting as naturally as possible, and have been struggling to find a way to introduce unobtrusive equipment into the environment.

It's camouflage.

SoFi is just one fish for now, but the dream is to have a number of fish that are all searching the ocean at once, and connecting with one another as they explore, according to Robert Katzschmann, the Ph.D. candidate who has taken the lead on the project.