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Source: freestocks/pexels

McDonald's To Cut 36% Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 2030

By Brian Spaen

McDonald’s has been making headlines lately with their sustainable moves, such as bringing out a new vegan burger and making a commitment to fully renewable packaging. On Tuesday, the fast food chain announced they’ll be reducing greenhouse emissions from their restaurants, corporate offices, and supply chain by over 30 percent in the next 12 years. They’re also the first restaurant to have these goals backed by the Science Based Targets initiative.

Working with their franchisees and suppliers, McDonald’s should be able to eliminate 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from their restaurants and offices when compared to their 2015 levels. 31 percent will be slashed from their supply chain. In total, the company expects to see 150 million metric tons less of emissions.

In order to achieve these results, the company will be focusing on three major factors in their global emissions: beef production, energy usage, packaging, and restaurant waste. Some easy obstacles will be adding more energy efficient equipment in their kitchens and LED lighting throughout their restaurants.