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Source: wind_energy/twitter

Tesla Bids On World's Biggest Powerpack Project

By Brian Spaen

Tesla has thrown its hat into the ring to build the world's biggest Powerpack project in the United States, following its record-breaking success with a battery backup facility in South Australia at the Hornsdale Wind Farm. Records show Tesla has bid standalone battery project for Xcel Energy, Colorado's biggest utility company. The new facility would be less powerful than Tesla's  South Australian project, but will have the most capacity in the world.

Most of Colorado's electricity is produces from natural gas and coal. But the state has recently taken strides to create more clean energy, evidenced by a 2016 announcement by Xcel (which serves more than 3 million electricity customers throughout Colorado, New Mexico and the upper Midwest) about its Colorado Energy Proposal. That proposal seeks to replace two Colorado coal plants with 700 megawatts (MW) each of solar and natural gas, and 1 gigawatt of wind. The ambitious project would entirely change Colorado's energy-creation landscape, attributing 55 percent of electricity created to renewables.

Tesla's reps will not comment on a project in its proposal phase. But from the paperwork, we can tell the company has coined the project “Forrest Lake,” offering hints of a possible location. It would consist of more than 1,500 Powerpack 2 systems in a standalone array that could provide 75 MW of power and a capacity of 300 MW-hours.