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Source: Twitter

Tesla's South Australia Battery Just Made $1 Million In Two Days

By Brian Spaen

Tesla’s battery facility that backs up the Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia continues to receive tremendous press. It was able to stabilize the power grid when a coal-fired power plant suffered some technical issues in record time. Now it’s expected to be very profitable with its potential to help the grid out during high peak times.

Renewable energy company Neoen owns and operates both the Hornsdale Wind Farm and the battery facility hooked up to it with a capacity of 100 megawatts and 129 megawatt-hours. According to Electrek, Neoen is able to use 30 MW / 90 MWh of the system while the rest of it is reserved to the Australian government.

Using that capacity, Neoen has been able to quickly switch Tesla’s battery facility to charge or discharge from the grid. This happens when energy prices go up and down due to high demand, especially with warm temperatures. In complete contrast to most of the United States, Australia’s summer months take place from December to February.