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Source: encon associates/twitter

Norway Is Planning An Entire Sustainable City At Oslo Airport

By Brian Spaen

Oslo Airport has a clear goal to set a new standard in sustainable aviation. Last year, they launched a new green terminal that received the world’s first certification. Now, they’re looking to build an entire city around the airport with the help of Norwegian architects.

The Nordic architecture firm helped design the current terminal that opened up last April and they’ll be part of the new Oslo Airport City. Back then, they only had a goal to cut back 50 percent of the airport’s energy use. That upgraded to receiving an “excellent” rating from BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

In order to receive that certification, the building was made out of natural wood and stone from forests that were properly maintained. They strategically put windows throughout the terminal to maximize daylight use. Adding more outdoor views also gives travelers a glimpse of the area surrounding them.