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Source: Twitter

Ikea's Green Energy Deal Could Save Customers Hundreds Each Year

By Brian Spaen

Ikea is committed to running on 100 percent renewable energy by 2020 across their entire global operations. They are also testing plant-based foods in their restaurants. Now, they’re looking to help citizens in the United Kingdom easily switch themselves. In a collaboration with Big Clean Switch, they’ll work with customers to put more green energy into the grid through renewable electricity tariffs.

The collaboration will use a “collective switch model” that will bring together a limited-time tariff for fully renewable energy. A network of renewable suppliers under Big Clean Switch will compete for the best tariff while pre-registration continues from now until March 6th. At that time, the tariff will be available until March 26th.

With these tariffs, the amount of energy that’s used by the consumer from the national grid will be replaced with energy from renewable sources, such as solar and wind. Making the switch is easy, according to Big Clean Switch -- it takes less than five minutes, there is no supply disruption, and there are no engineer visits.