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Source: Twitter

Japanese Architects Are Creating The World's Tallest Wooden Skyscraper

By Brian Spaen

A new 70-story skyscraper is currently being planned out in Tokyo, Japan, but there’s a unique twist. The structure is going to be made mostly of wood and would be the largest of its type in the world. It’ll be a multi-use building with apartments, offices, and shops, and it will dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared to traditional structures.

Called the “W350” project, the Sumitomo Forestry Company are the architects behind the new skyscraper. It’s expected to be nearly 1,150 feet tall and will cost $5.6 billion US. 90 percent of the building will be made of wood with the other 10 percent from steel. The latter material is needed for the skyscraper to withstand high seismic activity.

All of the interior structure, which will measure at nearly 4.9 million square feet of total floor space, is going to be made entirely out of wood. The amount of wood needed to build the skyscraper is the equivalent of building 8,000 wooden houses. Timber in the skyscraper will be replaced and fixed on a scheduled basis.