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Source: EMA IMPACT Summit

'EMA IMPACT Summit' Returns To Reward Sustainable Innovation

By Brian Spaen

The Environmental Media Association has been the voice of the planet for 28 years. They’ve emphasized their movement through celebrity voices, social media, educational programs, and multiple annual events. One of those is the EMA IMPACT Summit, where they award the best innovator working to solve an environmental issue with a $50,000 grant.

Kicked off just one year ago, the two-day event in Los Angeles brings numerous celebrities and business leaders together to explain how beneficial it can be for companies to protect the environment. At the same time, their “Future Innovator of the Year Challenge” highlights entrepreneurs that are focused on making a sustainable difference.

“For nearly two decades, we’ve been working within the corporate world as well to message the innovations and marketability of energy efficient, organic, nontoxic and lower waste options for the general population,” said Debbie Levin, President and CEO of EMA. “Innovation and market impact is what will bring us to the sustainable economy that will inform these next generations.”