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Source: getty

Cape Town Introduces New Mascot To Bring Attention To Water Shortage Crisis

By Aimee Lutkin

South Africa's Western Cape Province has been experiencing a drought for the last three years. The extreme conditions have pushed Cape Town to a crisis point. Africa News reports that the city has instituted level 6B water restrictions. This means every person is rationed to a little over 13 gallons per day.

It was initially reported that the city would be completely out of water by April 1st, but some light rain extended the estimated deadline to June 4th. It wasn't nearly enough to refill the city's dams, however. 

The water rationing is being enforced with heavy fines, so people are sharing tips on how to conserve and reuse water for things like washing clothes and flushing toilets. But Cape Town is a city with huge wealth disparities largely defined along race, as The Atlantic explains.