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Source: Instagram

This 'Seabin' Literally Sucks Trash Out Of The Ocean

By Brian Spaen

Sadly, plastic pollution in our waters considers to be a serious problem. Companies and startups are becoming more and more creative with tools and approaches to curb and collect pollution, saving both coral reefs and ocean wildlife. Specifically, The Seabin Project is one of the more promising startups that’s been ramping up production. Joining forces with other organizations like Mission Blue, co-founder and CEO Peter Ceglinski and his team are about to make their project mainstream.

The Seabin Project is a trash can affixed to a dock that has a large fiber catch bag, having the ability to collect plastic debris as water is pumped through the system. Limited power is used from the shore to push the water through. Late last year, Seabins could catch 3.3 pounds of plastic per day and hold up to 26.5 pounds at one time. Now, each Seabin is able to catch nearly four pounds of plastic per day according to six different pilot partners.

20 Seabins are currently operational around the world. With 2,000 units currently on order, their main priority is to get as many units out to marinas as possible. They’re also finding ways to make production more sustainable, such has limiting logistics by manufacturing locally and to use recycled plastics they find as the Seabin’s main components are made of plastic.