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Source: Pexels

Now Even Your Pets May Be Able To Eat Lab-Grown Meat

By Tessa Love

As we race toward a future full of high-tech, lab-grown meats in place of the environmentally unsound animal protein industry, a new startup wants to extend this offering to our furry friends, too. 

Bond Pet Foods was founded by former advertising executive Rich Kelleman after he struggled to find a healthy pet food brand with a transparent ingredients list. Kelleman decided to the create the most sustainable brand possible, which meant using the most sustainable meat possible: the kind grown in a petri dish from animal cells; free of the environmental and ethical dilemmas caused by animal farming. 

“Pet food has always been quick follower to the human food trends,” pet-food industry consultant Ryan Yamka, who is working with Bond Pets, told Quartz. “So it’s not surprising that you see… what I would call the sustainable-food movement getting into the pet-food side.”