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Source: takedahrs

Lab-Grown 'Clean Meats' Provide Protein Without Harming The Planet

By Nicole Caldwell

To make 20 trillion turkey nuggets, it takes just one little stem cell. That’s the promise of the lab-grown, or “clean meat” meat industry, which has exploded in recent years while also pulling the cost of production down 30,000 times over. But in addition to offering vegans a way to enjoy all the flavors of meat with none of the guilt, laboratory meat production offers something else: a viable way to feed the world actual meat without destroying the planet.

Clean meat harms pretty much nothing. 

Clean, lab-grown or cultured meat is essentially meat grown in a petri dish using stem cells from living animals. Developing food in this way removes the need for slaughter, breeding, deforestation, excessive water use and waste associated with the meat and dairy industry. A cell from one animal could produce trillions of cuts of meat, completely doing away with the need for the meat and dairy industry as we now know it.

While vegan and vegetarian meat replacements continue to make strides in their textures and flavors, meat grown from stem cells allows people with a penchant for rib eyes and salmon filets to surrender nothing. Some industry insiders prefer the term “clean meat” as it emphasizes on of the most important aspects of the process, including environmental perks and fewer food-borne illnesses residual drugs.