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Source: Twitter

This Compact Car Runs On Hydrogen And Emits Just Water

By Brian Spaen

Automobile engineer Hugo Spowers believes that battery-powered electric vehicles won’t be the only attractive option on the market for buyers who are eco-conscious. It’s why he and his independent car company, Riversimple, have been building a lightweight hydrogen EV that emits just water. Intrigued? This compact car is called the Rasa, and it has a lot of people talking. An important detail? The new vehicle features a motor in each wheel and the manufacturers hope to build a market around it.

Riversimple’s new vehicle was created with the intentions of creating a “clean slate” in the auto industry. In Latin, that means “tabula rasa,” which is how the name “Rasa” was born. Spowers entered the EV market early when he began working with the idea of hydrogen vehicles over 15 years ago at Cranfield University.

The Rasa is a two-seat electric vehicle that’s equipped with butterfly doors and weighs just over 1,200 pounds. To put that in perspective, just the battery of an 85 kilowatt-hour battery pack in the Tesla Model S is around 1,200 pounds. Ditching the battery for a hydrogen-powered system, the vehicle also benefits with comparable range.