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Source: getty

Colgate Partners With Michael Phelps For 'Save Water' Recycling Program

By Brian Spaen

Over a span of nearly 70 years, United States water consumption has jumped 127 percent. Sadly, there is actually less clean water available worldwide. How major of a problem is this? A whopping 10 percent of the total population doesn't have access to clean drinking water. Thankfully, recent initiatives to "save" water and provide more people with better access are picking up in a big way. For example, Colgate recently entered a partnership with The Nature Conservancy, and is working their "Save Water" initiative in no small way. 

Leaky faucets, old toilets, and running excess water all factor into the waste and there’s always something we can do about it. It’s better for us (and our sanity) to fix these leaks or to upgrade these appliances altogether. For instance, something as simple as replacing an older toilet can decrease a few gallons of water with every flush.

Of course, the biggest improvement we can make is trying to use less water in our normal activities. Many of us will wash light loads of laundry, run a nearly empty dishwasher, and take longer showers than needed. It’s also very common for us to keep the water running while brushing our teeth, and this is where Colgate’s initiative comes in.