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Source: Pixabay

73 Million Trees Are Being Planted To Resurrect Brazil's Tropical Forests


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For the past 40 years, 20 percent of rainforests in the Amazon have been chopped down. This scary number could double in the near future, meaning that we need to do something on a large scale to replant these forests, else risk losing them entirely. Luckily, a new process in Brazil that doesn’t require much labor, nor many natural resources, could give us tens of millions of trees. That's right: Tens of millions.

How will this happen? First, some background. The “muvuca” process was created just a few years ago, and the Portuguese phrase translates to “unruly crowd,” or a crowded group in a small place. A wide variety of seeds from over 200 different species will be supplied by the Xingu Seed Network. Many volunteers collected these seeds from around the world and they’ll be dumped onto deforested land that has been damaged and burned, in order to replenish growth.