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Source: Twitter

New Self-Driving Ride Shares May Launch In Phoenix

By Brian Spaen

Google is looking to be the first company to have a self-driving ride hailing service, and it could be coming in a matter of months. There are reportedly plans to launch the new cars in a suburb roughly thirty minutes from Phoenix, Arizona. Anonymous sources told The Information last week that Waymo, Google’s autonomous car development company, is planning to launch a new ride-hailing service in Chandler, Arizona. Notably, it’s also been Waymo's testing site for driverless cars. Without a doubt, this could begin raising the bar for its competitors.

Chandler provides the perfect opportunity for Waymo to test autonomous driving. The location is ideal because the local laws allow self-driving vehicles. The area also doesn’t have difficult roadways, the weather is usually optimal, and there aren’t very many pedestrians walking around. While these obstacles will be necessary to overcome for self-driving vehicles to thrive all over the world, companies first need to make sure they can fully complete basic tasks.

So, how are the self-driving cars doing so far? One problem they’ve run into is making left turns. The team is able to monitor how the cars run remotely, and they've quickly noticed that the software tends to struggle when left turns aren't guided by a green arrow. Specifically, there are intersections with a blinking yellow arrow that tells drivers to wait for a gap during incoming traffic to make a turn.