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Source: Andrew Pons/Stocksnap

These Pet Products Are Safe For Your Furry Friends And The Environment

By Desirée Kaplan

Many pet products are made with plastic materials and find their way to the trash soon after Fido takes it apart. To help make more environmentally friendly items, founder Spencer Williams started West Paw, a sustainable pet toy and bed company in Montana in the early 90’s. The company was determined to create environmentally friendly products and built a green manufacturing facility to do so. Today, the company still operates in that building as they continue to focus on better pet products while using sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. 

West Paw was the first pet company to harness a recycled plastic fill and fabric called IntelliLoft. The non toxic eco-fiber is used for stuffing and fabric since it’s safe for pets and the environment. By using eco-friendly materials, the company has so far kept an estimated 12.6 million bottles from landfill. 

For tough toys, the company created Zogoflex, a design that can be infinitely recycled. Once factory scraps are cleaned, ground, and put back in the machine, new toys are easily created to minimize any unnecessary waste. The company also accepts old or beat up toys from customers to process in the same way as the scraps, in order to close the loop of the toy’s lifecycle. To make it easier on customers and the plant, West Paw created a Join the Loop program so customers never have to send their old dog toys to the landfill. 

Even cats have their own eco-friendly products. West Paws offers USDA Organic Catnip which is grown locally in the United States without herbicides, pesticides, or any harmful chemicals. Adapting similar materials, the company also offers green cat beds and whimsical toys.