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Source: Tookapic/Pexels

Sustainable Brewery Feeds Fish Farm With Leftover Grain And Water

By Brian Spaen

When breweries and wine vineyards find sustainable solutions, they can often find an alternative way to generate revenue. An Australian winery is able to generate energy for electric vehicles while customers drink their product. Now a brewery in Westfield, New York, uses excess grain and water to feed fish on their property.

Five & 20 Craft Spirits and Brewing has teamed up with a local fish farming startup called TimberFish Technologies to provide a unique way to produce seafood. They’ll be farming with a 70-foot long tank that features multiple sections with water, harvested wood chips, and used grain. This is the startup’s first commercial product in the wild, which first broke ground last August.

The process works by taking water used in the brewing process and pushing it through the tank. Leftover nutrients from the wastewater generate microbes on wood chips and grain from beer creation. Those microbes are eaten by little sea creatures, which are then eaten by fish. In a rather disgusting way, after fish digest what they’ve eaten, that turns into microbes and the process starts again.