How This Boxed Water Company Makes Packaged Water Eco-Friendly

How This Boxed Water Company Makes Packaged Water Eco-Friendly
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Nicholas Reichenbach first had the idea of producing a more sustainable water bottle while attending Burning Man. The annual event draws over 50,000 people to the Nevada desert and focuses on ten principles: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, participation, immediacy, and leaving no trace. The experience was eye-opening for Reichenbach in more ways than one and the final principle stuck with him. When he saw the staggering number of plastic bottles that were consumed during the event, he had an aha moment and realized something had to change. 

Reichenbach looked to his own resources and found the solution in his family’s natural spring in Ontario, Canada. He decided to make a more responsible water bottle and Flow Water was born.

Naturally, the first step was the container itself. A better water bottle design was made to create minimal impact on the environment while helping people everywhere stay hydrated. Flow Water teamed up with Tetra Pak, a sustainable packaging company, to create a completely recyclable package made of 70 percent renewable material. Paperboard, which makes up most of the package, is made with a low carbon footprint. 

Using renewable resources is often considered a good environmentally friendly practice because those natural resources used can be replaced at the rate at which they are used. For example, the bottle’s cap is derived from sugarcane to make a non-GMO plastic. Plant-based plastics don’t require fossil fuels and as such, were a natural fit. 

Apart from an environmentally responsible bottle, the company also operates a sustainable production model. Manufacturing is done on site to ensure that waste and energy are kept low. To further ensure energy is handled responsibly, the company partnered with Bullfrog Power. As an energy provider, Bullfrog Power matches all the energy used with clean resources that go into the grid. To increase efficiency and lower waste, one million packs are transported per truck. By transporting the packs in large rolls and assembling them at the plant, the company is able to use fewer trucks which helps reduce C02 emissions. 

In addition to the bottle design and manufacturing process, Flow Water takes a great deal of care in handling the water it provides. They offer alkaline water which allegedly helps to naturally balance the body’s minerals that can be depleted throughout the day. The water comes from a self-sustaining natural spring source which is replenished by rain. Carefully adhering to the Clean Water Act, Flow Water makes ongoing efforts to ensure the springs environment is maintained at the highest standards. Consequently, the water source is minimally treated for bacteria and there are no additives introduced.  

Once taken from the spring, the water is filtered and UV treated to make sure no impurities enter from extraction to the bottle. UV light is a chemical free and effective method to keep harmful microorganisms out of the water. The end result is an environmentally responsible product with the shelf life of two years. Transparent in product as well as practices, the company also releases an annual water quality report to keep everyone informed and updated. You can find Flow Water using the store locator or order your water online.  

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