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Source: Pixabay

'Crowd Cow' Lets You Buy Meat From Local Farms Without Leaving Home

By Brian Spaen

No matter what your diet or lifestyle is, many of us are becoming more and more aware of where our meat comes from. Whether meat is part of your daily food intake, or a treat for your once in a blue moon summer barbeques, consumers are steadily looking into how their favorite protein is produced. From the humane treatment of animals, to providing workers with safe conditions and fair pay, the average buyer is starting to prioritize the ethics behind their burger. Now, Crowd Cow is a crowdfunding delivery service that is hoping to help that cause for those looking to get better meat.

The process is pretty simple for getting meat from Crowd Cow. Customers are able to pick what cuts they want their beef and how much of it they want through the shares available. A farm is highlighted on the website and tells you upfront how much has already been sold, how many days are left to purchase a share, and how many shares are remaining. This helps consumers make informed decisions and weigh their choices when making a selection. Delivery times vary, but it’s usually within a week, making it great for when you want to plan your groceries ahead of time or do a purchase for a large event or family gathering.

Shares can feature many pounds of meat, such as a “flat iron” share that includes four eight-ounce flat iron steaks, two 10-ounce chuck eye steaks, and two pounds of premium ground beef. Other a la carte options can vary in amount and time. They’re able to ship anywhere in the continental United States, and they offer a referral program that even includes free steak.