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Source: Pixabay

This Neighborhood Turned Each Home Into Its Own Green Power Plant


In the future, we could rely a whole lot less on large-scale power plants if we were able to generate energy in our own homes. How realistic is this? Interestingly, it's not a distant daydream. In fact, a town in the United Kingdom is already exploring the possibility of a neighborhood connecting and sharing their own electricity right from home.

Of course, some eco-friendly solutions already exist when it comes to tacking on solar panels and installing battery backups, but for people who live entirely off the grid, these options aren't super viable. While in theory, your home could receive enough energy from the sun's rays to allow you to live with little or no aid from an electric company, the fact of the matter is, sunlight is inconsistent, and the efficiency of solar cells varies by the day, creating an inconsistent energy supply.