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Source: Kaique Rocha/Pexels

Apple's New Data Center In Iowa Will Use 100% Renewable Energy


Apple has announced that they will be building a new fully sustainable data center in Iowa. The tech giant joins similar companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, to build large facilities in America’s heartland. Expectations are for the new data center to not only improve the user experience in Apple products, but to boost the economy around Waukee where the data center is located.

Around $1.4 billion will be spent by Apple to develop the new data center. The massive project will add over 550 construction jobs over the next three years until its scheduled completion in 2020. Iowa has given $210 million in incentives to Apple, and the company will be returning $100 million to a Public Improvement Fund to improve Waukee’s parks, libraries, and recreational areas. Currently, a new Youth Sports Campus is in the works.