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Source: Pixabay/Pexels

Quantum Dots May Soon Convert Windows Into Solar Energy Sources

By Brian Spaen

Solar panel technology that has the potential to be placed on windows is coming. New Mexico-based nanotechnology company UbiQD has been wanting to turn our windows into solar generators for years, and they’re finally licensing developments at two universities in Washington. They’ve expanded on luminescent solar concentration (LSC) panels and have made them lightweight and transparent.

The first-ever transparent LSCs were demonstrated at Michigan State University back in 2013. These quantum dots (which is what the “QD” stands for in UbiQD) have the ability to harvest solar energy and they’re able to transform how we think of traditional opaque solar panels. Instead of heavy objects, they are lighter and could even be installed on windows.

Thanks to advancements in a collaborative effort between Western Washington University and the University of Washington, UbiQD will be licensing the new LSC technology. Hunter McDaniel, the founder of UbiQD, can see the future of the product turning into a commercial success.