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Source: Parks Project

New Apparel Company 'Parks Project' Donates Part Of Every Sale To National Parks

By Nicole Caldwell

The National Park Service is turning 101 this year.

To celebrate, parks across the United States will host the annual Free National Park Day on Aug. 25. The event is designed to encourage people to interact with nature and support conservation efforts to keep at least parts of America wild. And these days, national parks can use all the support they can get. 

Which is exactly why Keith Eshelman and Sevag Kazanci started Parks Project, an apparel and accessories business that donates a portion of every sale to various park conservancies.   

You don’t have to choose between consumerism and activism anymore.

Being a consumer and an activist are no longer mutually exclusive. By changing our shopping habits, we’ve begun to change how goods are produced—and what the sale of those goods supports. In the last year alone, 25 percent more companies took strides to sell fair trade, eco-friendly products that supported living wages for workers all along the supply chain. That news works in tandem with another study that shows 75 percent of millennials consider sustainability to be a shopping priority. And those are just the kind of stats Parks Project is banking on.