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Source: Pixabay

Unleash Brings Millennials Together To Create Sustainable Development Solutions


The United Nations have come together on a 15-year plan to reach 17 different goals relating to sustainable development. These goals aren’t typical bullet points; they’re world-changing desires such as ending poverty, gender equality, ending hunger, and more. It requires everyone working together, and UNLEASH, a global innovation lab for sustainable development, hopes to boost that with a nine-day event of a thousand unique people creating solutions to make it all happen.

UNLEASH will have their inaugural innovation lab beginning on Sunday in Denmark. Spread out in three different segments, 1,000 millennials will first gather in Copenhagen to meet with representatives from innovative companies to gain further inspiration. Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher headlines the many speakers at the event. Kutcher’s recent headlines have included a powerful speech on his anti-sex trafficking efforts and his investment in many startups.