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Source: Blaynk

These Organic Cotton Sheets Are Made From Rainwater And Wind Power

By Brian Spaen

Our bedroom environment is one of the most important aspects in our life that we don’t take much time to think about. We (should) sleep for one-third of our lifetime, and our sleep can have a serious impact on our health, both mental and physical. That's just one of the major reasons it's worthwhile to think about your sleep space, and how the products you use, from your mattress to your sheets, might interact with your health. Blaynk, a new bedding company, is not only pursuing a special organic bedsheet, but they’re making them with renewable energy.

Blaynk is creating natural bedding with three ingredients: cotton, rainwater, and wind power. Not only do many cotton farmers in third-world countries suffer from poor conditions and a lot of debt, but there’s loads of pesticides sprayed on the material that can be poisonous for these workers. For these reasons, many consumers are shifting away from cotton in pursuit of other, more eco-friendly materials.