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Source: YouTube

Chevy Bolt Becomes Fiercely Competitive With Tesla Model S

By Brian Spaen

Tesla has arguably been the world’s biggest leader in the electric vehicle movement. Leading up to the announcement of their new mass-market Model 3, it’s been easy to lose track of the competition. While Tesla has the prestige, recent field tests show that we should be taking as hard of a look at Chevy’s recent EV.

Range estimates are based on ideal driving conditions. It’s the easiest way to market these vehicles with the best range available, but owners will definitely see lower performance based on those numbers. This happens with many other battery-operated devices such as laptops and cellphones that estimate more hours of usage than it delivers.

In a range test operated by Consumer Reports, this held true with Tesla’s Model S 75D. It has an EPA estimate of 259 miles and delivered at 235 miles, which was higher than the Model X 90D also tested (230 miles achieved versus 257 miles estimated). However, the opposite happened with the 2018 Chevy Bolt. With an EPA estimate of 238 miles, the vehicle actually reached 250 miles -- that's a new EV range record for the review company.