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Source: Pixabay

New Startup Woos People To Switch To Renewable Energy With Low Costs

By Brian Spaen

Renewable energy is in our future, but everybody need to be wary about electric companies exploiting sustainability. One man that’s been involved with these utilities in the past detailed poor service and high costs toward consumers. That’s been the fuel behind a duo that’s founding their own smaller-scale energy company in the United Kingdom.

Bulb began with Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka back in August 2015 and they’ve been providing a great alternative for energy supply. Wood noted that utility companies that were supporting sustainability didn’t have a clear plan on how it was using renewable energy and they were charging customers much more than they needed to. Wood explained to Business Insider that, “eco-friendly energy is only ‘marginally more expensive than the wholesale cost of conventional energy coming from gas and coal.’”

Bulb promises on their website that they will charge just one fee for both electricity and gas. Based on a full table on annual dual fuel costs in London, Bulb is about 200 pounds less (roughly $250 USD) than the cheapest among the “Big Six” utility companies, British Gas.