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Source: Pixabay

'Refill' Mobile App Has Wild Success Helping People Find Clean Tap Water

By Brian Spaen

Similar to the state of California, many parts of the United Kingdom are looking to push out the use of disposable plastic bottles. A program called “Refill” is a simple movement that’s promoting people to, predictably, refill their water bottle instead of purchasing single-use bottles. They’ve released a mobile app to highlight areas to find clean tap water in their area.

The Refill app is a rewards program that was launched back in 2015 and has been very successful in England and Germany. According to a TreeHugger report, over “200 businesses in Bristol had signed on to the Refill campaign.” These establishments are easily found as they put up a blue Refill sticker on their doors. It’s a great answer for the limited public drinking fountains that are expensive to maintain.

Any type of service that has access to clean tap water can be part of the program. They’re encouraged to promote tap water even if that’s all consumers get while they stop by. However, it’s a win-win situation for both parties as it still gets people in the door and many will end up purchasing something else. According to the Refill website, “more than 70 percent of people...feel uncomfortable” just going into a cafe or a store to get free water.