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Source: Unsplash/Pexels

The 5 Easiest Ways To Beat The Summer Heat Without AC

By Nicole Caldwell

There is nothing worse than hot nights without air conditioning; your body stuck to sheets sticky with your own sweat as you toss and turn. But air conditioners are hardly eco friendly, and are not always budget-friendly. Now, I’m not telling everyone in hot climates to forego central air, or for people who are apartment dwellers to give away their air conditioners. But for those of you who prefer living without central air or AC—or for those of you who would like to limit their air-cooling to only extreme heat situations—here are some easy ways to cool your dwellings without the environmental or economic costs.  

Master the art of the fan. 

Fans can do amazing things throughout the year to make your living spaces more comfortable. In the winter, ceiling fans should be rotating clockwise to gently draw air up toward the ceiling while moving the warmest air out from the fan and down your walls. During warmer months, reverse direction so the fans rotate counter clockwise. This will force the air on your ceiling down onto you, creating a “wind chill effect.” 

Similarly, bathroom and stovetop fans both work to draw hot air out of your home, and can be used throughout the day whether or not you’re showering or cooking. A small desk fan on a nearby table can be positioned behind a bowl of ice water. As it blows air on you, it will pick up the chilled air and blow it at you. Box fans can be positioned in windows to blow air around the room during the day, and push hot air out of a window at night. You can also open a window and place a box fan across the room blowing in the direction of the window to create a cross breeze.