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Source: Unsplash/Pexels

California Lawmaker Proposes $3 Billion In Subsidies To Boost EV Market

By Brian Spaen

California accounts for nearly half of all United States electric vehicle sales from 2011 to 2016 with 257,937 units. Through 2016, Georgia was the second-biggest state, but they didn’t even hit 10 percent of the total the Sunshine State reached. That number is approaching the 300,000 mark, and it will only get bigger if state legislation passes to increase their incentive program.

A bill from San Francisco’s Phil Ting could add $3 billion to the state’s zero-emissions movement. California has a goal set for 1.5 million electric vehicles operating on the road by 2025, but it’ll be hard to hit that mark if they can’t significantly ramp up sales. Gas2 reports that in 2016, “only 2 percent of the 2 million new vehicles sold in the state” were EVs.

This new bill will make electric cars much more affordable, especially for those who meet income requirements. State rebates and federal tax credits would be able to shave the price down to traditional new vehicle costs. There could also be additional savings for previously used vehicles that meet at least the low-emission requirements from the California Air Resources Board.