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Source: Unsplash/Pexels

Dutch Startup Reveals Solar-Powered Car With 500-Mile Driving Range

By Brian Spaen

One of the major drawbacks in electric vehicles is the range consumers get with them. Many skeptics don’t want to constantly monitor how much battery they have left and get into a situation where they have to charge up their car but are unable to find a charging station. A new Dutch startup is hoping to bring peace of mind with an EV that can charge itself.

The Lightyear One is a new electric car that is run on solar power. It enhances the EV brand by having the ability to charge up without having to plug it in. The process either lets it store up energy in the battery or it can directly power the electric motors in the vehicle. If there’s more power coming in than what the motor needs, it will also recharge the battery while driving.

Another difference between this and traditional cars is the startup’s focus on using lower drag and creating the vehicle with lightweight materials. Lightyear highlights Stella, a solar-powered family car, that uses significantly less energy than both the Volkswagen Golf and Tesla products. It has that ability due to its “very aerodynamic shape” and its weight of 390 kilograms (859 pounds).