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Source: Flickr - Creative Commons

This Province In China Just Went An Entire Week Running Only On Renewable Energy

By Brian Spaen

Don’t believe that we can run solely on renewable energy? While it certainly presents some challenges, there’s been successful trial runs around the world. European countries have been making headlines running on 100 percent renewable energy for at least 24 hours, and Portugal was successful on four consecutive days a year ago. One province in China was able to last an entire week.

According to reports from Xinhua News, the Qinghai province in China had all 5.8 million residents living on hydro, wind, and solar power between June 17th and the 23rd. Over 1.1 billion kilowatt hours were required to meet energy demands in the area, and most of that (72 percent) came from hydropower. 

Energy capacity through these renewable sources are at 23 million kilowatts, which will likely make it up to 35 million within the next three years. If that’s the case, up to 110 billion kilowatt hours can be generated from alternative sources. That would be more than enough to meet electricity demands in Qinghai it would be used in other local areas in China.