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Source: Getty

This Is How Commercial Buildings Can Cut Nearly One-Third Of Energy Use

By Brian Spaen

Commercial and residential buildings total 40 percent of the United States’ energy consumption. It’s not a surprise when walking past buildings at night you see either backup lights on or outdoor lights that pop on to illuminate the building. However, if all these buildings were maintained properly and would take advantage of their built-in efficiency, they could save nearly 30 percent of consumption.

Lots of these buildings are already equipped with up to 34 energy controls that could limit their overall use. This could be anything from cutting off or dimming lights in lesser-used areas, limiting cooling or heating when people aren’t in the room, and many other features. To activate this, all it requires are the settings to be turned on, programmed correctly, and working properly.

Despite the ease of this process, research from the US Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory revealed that many stores, businesses, schools, and more aren’t using these features. This could either be due to them simply not being on or they’ve malfunctioned. Should they all be in operation, it could save 29 percent of energy consumption throughout the United States.