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Source: Pixabay

One California City Looks To Limit Plastic Straws At Restaurants

By Brian Spaen

We hardly think about it when going to restaurants, but there’s a considerable amount of trash that’s created by each person. Fast food places and local eateries give out paper cups, plastic lids, straws, eating utensils, and most of it ends up in the garbage. Alameda, which is an island in the Bay Area of California, is trying to eliminate that potential waste as it’s becoming an issue on their coasts.

The city will be adopting Santa Cruz County’s Sustainable Packaging Ordinance. This requires any form of plastic lids, straws, and containers to be either compostable or recyclable. Before being given to consumers, it must be passed by the Biodegradable Products Institute.

Restaurants in the area will also be adopting an on-demand system, meaning that plastic items will not be included with an order. These will need to be requested by the consumer. This would limit straws being handed out and it would encourage restaurants to switch over to reusable silverware.