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Source: Flickr

NTSB Reveals Tesla Driver In Fatal Autopilot Crash Ignored Numerous Warnings

By Brian Spaen

The National Transportation Safety Board has released crash data from the fatal Tesla Autopilot accident in May 2016. Along with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the two organizations have conducted separate investigations into the incident. The newly released data conflicts with some of the reporting done on the scene and confirms what the NHTSA concluded with earlier this year.

Joshua Brown, the driver of a semi-autonomous 2015 Tesla Model S 70D, was killed when he hit and went under a semi-trailer while it was making a left turn onto US Highway 27A near Williston, Florida. According to the driver that was pulling the semi-trailer, he believed that Brown was watching a Harry Potter movie at the time of impact and wasn’t watching the road.

NTSB’s report conflicts that assessment as they found no Harry Potter video files on his devices. They were able to find music files on a Chromebit, which is a portable ChromeOS device that plugs into a monitor. There was a chance that the driver of the other vehicle was hearing that at the time of the crash. It’s worth noting that he also had a slight amount of marijuana in his system and was charged with a right-of-way traffic violation.