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Source: Twitter

'Square Roots' Grows Fresh Greens In Brooklyn's Retired Shipping Containers

By Brian Spaen

Large steel shipping containers are getting some extra use by a startup in Brooklyn. Square Roots has selected 10 people to be urban farmers, setting up a service for their neighborhood to sell freshly grown vegetables. It provides a solid job, while also getting some use out of the old steel containers.

10 different urban farmers have their specialties they grow inside of containers that span over 300 square feet. All the green options available include Genovese basil, Tuscan kale, Astro arugula, and much more. None of the crops are genetically modified and there are no pesticides used.

Consumers that live or work in the Brooklyn area can order a bag of greens on Square Roots’ home page. The company uses a subscription process that charges each week. There are three different levels consumers can choose from: Nanobite, Megabite, and Terabite. The first gives one fresh package of vegetables for $7, the second offers three bags for $15, and the best value is the seven-bag option for $35. Farmers can make anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 for the year-long run.