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Source: Pixabay

GE Uses Prediction Software To Reduce Cambodia's Carbon Emissions

By Brian Spaen

Cambodia, a country located in Southeast Asia, continues to rebuild itself since power was placed in the Cambodian People’s Party since 1997. The country’s environmental statistics are ranked very low when compared to the rest of the world, and some of that is due to the ongoing reliance of coal-fired power plants. While that may not change anytime soon, there are options in the works to make it less harmful.

Tens of thousands of Cambodians still leave the country annually. Much of this is due to the lack of electricity in rural areas, where around 80 percent of the population exists. The government has set a goal of electricity reaching 70 percent of all households in Cambodia by 2030. At the moment, 56 percent of the country receives electricity, and that is limited to 34 percent in rural areas.

Demand continues to increase higher than the country can supply it. To meet those demands, they’re in the process of installing a 150-megawatt coal-fired power plant from GE and Toshiba in Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia. It would be the third power plant in the area and it is estimated to increase domestic energy generation by 10 percent.