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Source: Pixabay

United Kingdom Expands Wind Farm With World's Largest Turbines


When it comes to generating energy through offshore wind farms, no one in the world comes close to the United Kingdom. They account for seven of the top 13 farms in the world in terms of capacity. The London Array tops the charts by generating 630 megawatts since 2012. With costs continuing to come down and turbines improving, their lead will only continue to grow.

The Burbo Bank extension in May saw some of the world’s biggest wind turbines activate. Each one stands 195 meters, or nearly 640 feet tall, and generates eight megawatts. A single rotation from these massive turbines creates 29 hours of energy for one home. With these turbines having the ability to spin up to 30 times per minute, that would mean one turbine has the potential to power a home for five weeks in less than 60 seconds.