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Source: Pixabay

India Sets Goal To Exclusively Sell Electric Vehicles By 2030

By Brian Spaen

India is set to drastically change their economy in the next 13 years. They’re one of the biggest importers in oil, but carbon dioxide emissions have created serious health issues and death across the country. In order to fix this, the government is making a goal to only allow sales of electric cars by 2030.

1.2 million deaths are contributed by the nasty particles in the air, and it’s only been growing rapidly over the past 25 years. Both India and China together combine for over half of the worldwide air pollution deaths, and the former is now the biggest culprit. According to the World Health Organization back in 2014, 13 of the 20 worst cities with smog are located in India.

It hasn’t helped that as the country continues to grow, it’s become the third-biggest importer of oil. Only the United States and China ranks ahead of them. Not only is it killing their population, but they’re paying a whopping $150 billion each year to bring it in. In order to curb the destruction, the country’s government joined the Paris Climate Agreement last October and is turning to electric vehicles.