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Source: Pixabay

Renewable Energy Sees Rapid Growth In Scotland

By Brian Spaen

Scotland was able to produce enough energy from renewable resources to fulfill their requirements for over a third of May. Generation from wind turbines grew rapidly in just a one-year comparison in the area. There’s also been enough sunlight for multiple homes to generate over 100 percent of electricity that was required.

Wind power generation reached over 863,000 megawatt hours in the month of May, which is over 170,000 megawatt hours from the previous total in 2016. That total meets up to 46 percent of Scotland’s requirements for electricity. When it comes to looking at homes, Scotland’s World Wildlife Fund believes it’s enough to supply 95 percent of the population.

The northernmost country in the United Kingdom benefits from frequent windy conditions. Last year on August 7th, an abnormally windy day ended up generating more energy than all of Scotland needed. May 15th was the most recent day where it nearly met the country’s total demand for electricity.