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Source: Tina Rataj-Berard

Swapping These Common Home Appliances Helps The Environment And Your Wallet


Before 1976, the average kitchen refrigerator used 2,200 kWh, helping to catapult America’s energy market to the third-largest industry in the country. Nowadays, with so many people and companies working to reduce our reliance on energy grids and lower our carbon footprints, new appliances are doing much better at sucking less off the grid: Today, a brand-new, “CEE Tier 3” energy-efficient fridge will only use 425 kWh. Switching from an old dinosaur of a refrigerator could save you more than $238 each year.

Appliances are the number one contributor to your energy bill and swapping them out for more efficient models is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint, lighten our load on the energy systems in our towns and regions, and save a bundle of money over the next several years. If you’re considering switching to renewable energy sources, using less is a great way to ensure your solar panels or wind turbines will be enough to power your place day in and out.