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Source: Pixabay

New Brooklyn Startup Allows You To Sell Solar Power To Your Neighbors

By Brian Spaen

How we obtain our electricity could be changing a lot in the near future. Right now, many of us sign up with an electric company and pay a monthly fee to use that energy. Now, solar energy has changed that by allowing us to generate our own electricity. A startup in Brooklyn is looking to add another wrinkle: selling that additional electricity to others.

LO3 Energy is the company behind the new process called the Brooklyn Microgrid. At the moment, extra solar energy can be used multiple ways. There’s the option of simply selling it back to the grid and getting money for it. Others can store that energy and use it during times that it’s more necessary. With this new system of selling that surplus to other people in the area, it’s essentially cutting out the electric company.

All this electricity is monitored by LO3 Energy’s product, a TransActive Grid meter. That moves all the solar energy generation around to others. While one consumer may not get the exact same energy that is picked up from another, they will still be paying that person directly for how much they take. Of course, one seller can’t make more than they give out, and that will all be handled by the meter.