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Source: OSVehicle

Meet EDIT: The World's First Self-Driving Modular Car You Can Customize

By Brian Spaen

Imagine the next car you buy is essentially a blank sheet of paper you can customize to fit your personal driving style and preferences. That's exactly what OSVehicle, a startup out of Silicon Valley, hopes to provide with their new project called 'EDIT,' an innovative vehicle that aims to be the world's first modular self-driving car.  Though the company has been working on the project for over a year, they've only recently unveiled details on what we can expect EDIT to look like.

Designed and engineered with service companies in mind, the car is a great choice for everything from delivering pizzas to car or ride sharing. It's essentially “future-proof” with the the variety of customization and upgrade features it offers. Any company can tailor the car to their needs with alternative frontends, backends, and rooftops. Is there a need to keep delivery pizza hot? An oven can be installed. Want to keep beverages cold as you’re delivering them to a party? Fridges can also be planted into the vehicle.