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Source: Uber

Uber Partners With ChargePoint To Make Flying Electric Cars A Reality By 2020

By Brian Spaen

Flying cars are finally looking like they’ll become another method of transportation, and it’s going to happen sooner than you think. Uber and ChargePoint are working together to create charging stations that will fuel the cars that can get past crammed traffic and decrease commute times. The company that created ways for consumers to make money by driving customers around with their cars could transform the industry again in just three years.

Uber unveiled loads of information at the Elevate Summit in Dallas, Texas, this week. It’s part of the company's new program, called “Uber Elevate,” that is focused on bringing flying cars into their rotation of transportation. They’ll be developing specialized VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) flying cars that will essentially be taxis.

Of course, the process of being a contractor and flying one of these vehicles under Uber won’t be as easy. While that service will still be functioning as it’s been for years now, “UberAir” will simply be an additional service when it’s available. At the moment, it’ll launch first in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, metropolitan area and in Dubai.