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Source: FirmBee/Pixabay

Apple Reveals Goal For All Products To Be Made With 100% Recycled Materials


Apple is pushing to have a 100 percent renewable culture when it comes to using energy and creating their products. A new 2017 progress report explains what the tech giant has done so far and has set itself some seriously impressive goals to meet in the future, including making their gadgets from 100 percent recycled materials.

In their Environmental Responsibility Report, Apple details how far they’re going to go when it comes to using renewable products. Not only will the phones and other devices be made of recycled products, they’re planning to run 100 percent of their operations on renewable energy. All of the packaging, too, will be from 100 percent recycled paper. No exact plans have been detailed in the report, but they will form a “closed-loop supply chain” that will keep them using recycled resources over and over again.