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Nearly Half Of The Fortune 500 Set Renewable-Energy Goals To Tackle Climate Change


Fortune 500 companies are paving the way to cut greenhouse gases and limit the rise of global temperature. A report from the World Wildlife Fund, “Power Forward 3.0,” is an update from a 2014 release that shows the world’s top companies are continuing to change their energy habits and reduce emissions. Companies such as IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, and many more were included in the latest report. 

There’s strong leadership at the top of the list. 63 of the Fortune 100 companies feature at least one clean energy initiative. ExxonMobil will be reducing emissions by bringing in biofuels made from algae. That’s one of the many renewable energy sources that can be used without needing to rely as much on fossil fuels. Based on the report, “the annual emission reductions from these efforts are equivalent to taking 45 coal-fired power plants offline for one year.”