What Does It Mean When You See a Hummingbird?

Hummingbirds are believed to be a sign of good things to come.

Lauren Wellbank - Author

May 30 2024, Published 3:00 p.m. ET

Hummingbird perched on a branch
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You may already know that many people believe that seeing a cardinal is a sign that a loved one is sending a message from beyond the grave, and that doves are a symbol of love (which is one of the reasons they're often released at weddings). But did you know that some folks believe that hummingbirds also carry a special message?

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There are people who believe that hummingbirds have a special meaning, and that seeing one can hint towards good things to come. Keep reading to learn exactly what people think hummingbirds symbolize, including why you may want to keep your fingers crossed that a hummingbird makes its way across your path sometime soon.

Hummingbird in flight
Source: Getty Images
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What is the meaning of seeing a hummingbird?

If you spy a hummingbird out in the wild, it could mean a bunch of different things, according to Birds&Blooms, including that things are about to change for the better in your life! Hummingbirds are believed to be a symbol of good luck, hope, and positive change.

This means that seeing a hummingbird could be an especially positive moment for someone who is currently facing challenges, and offer a bit of extra hope that all of those bad times may soon be behind them. For those who are true believers, it may even be enough to prompt them to add a few extra hummingbird feeders to their yard so that they can reap some of the benefits from having all those lucky birds around!

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Hummingbirds hold a few spiritual meanings as well.

It's not just good luck and tidings of good news that hummingbirds are believed to send your way. There is a spiritual component as well. Many people believe that hummingbirds have the same otherworldly connection to the afterlife that cardinals do. That means that there are those who think that spotting a hummingbird in the wild means that a loved one's spirit may be close.

Hummingbirds can bring deep comfort, especially to the recently bereaved, and those who are experiencing a recent or heartbreaking loss may find these stunning birds a welcome sight.

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Hummingbird tattoos can hold meaning, as well.

If you're thinking of getting some ink, you may want to add some pictures of hummingbirds to your list, since these beautiful birds hold a lot of meaning in the tattoo world, according to the Chronic Ink blog, including happiness, charm, life, and love. Of course, a hummingbird may have special meaning specific to you, and that's OK, too. Tattoos are deeply personal, and you should feel comfortable getting a hummingbird tattoo even if it means something else entirely when you think of it!

No matter whether you agree with the symbolism many people find in hummingbirds, or don't believe that any bird is capable of connecting with the spiritual world, I think we can all agree that these tiny birds are a wonderful and welcome sight to behold! Especially when you spot them at an unexpected moment or in your yard where you've worked so hard to welcome them.

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