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Source: Midwest Wanderers

This Family Converted A School Bus Into A Tiny Home For 24/7 Travel

By Nicole Caldwell

As a kid, my family flew out west and rented a van for a couple of weeks for a Chase family-style road trip through dozens of of America’s national parks, historic sites, and monuments. By my own recollections, that trip was part great adventure, part hilarity, and an absolute lot of screaming kids, screaming parents, and unending stretches of desert highway.

What I mean is, the trip was totally amazing and also the kind of thing most people in their right minds only attempt a handful of times in order to keep them special (and limited). Not so for the Davis household, aka the “Midwest Wanderers,” who’ve converted an old school bus into a motorized tiny home for their three-person, one-dog family to travel in together 24/7.

Meet the Midwest Wanderers. 

Rachel, 26, and Luke, 28, were high school sweethearts who got married as soon as they graduated. The two pursued careers—Rachel at her own baking business called Sweets By Rae, and Luke as a pipefitter in Chicago. Today, the couple also has a 2-year-old daughter named Charlotte.