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Source: Gratisography/Pexels

How To Make Your Own Cleaning Products With Just 10 Ingredients

By Nicole Caldwell

Packaged cleaning products can be overly specific, way too expensive, and exceedingly harmful to our health.  

The average American spends $42 a month on cleaning supplies. In 12 months, that money could buy you airfare to the Caribbean. Over the course of a decade, it would be enough to renovate a room (or two!) in your home. And while those cleaners may make your tub sparkle, they’re also putting all kinds of harmful chemicals down the drain, into the air, and onto your skin.  

Luckily, there isn’t a commercial cleaning product on Earth you can’t make yourself with very basic, eco-friendly household products for a shadow of the cost that are perfectly healthy for your home and all its inhabitants. Here are some of the most common cleaning products we all use—and how to make them for next-to-nothing with just 10 ingredients and without any of the harmful chemical byproducts.